How to Change Alarm Sound on Your Samsung S23

Change the alarm sound allows you to wake up with a pleasant sound from your alarm. It is what you need when your current alarm is very loud and it makes you feel unpleasant. You do not want to get upset in the morning just because the alarm destroys your mood. If you want to change alarm sound on Galaxy S23, you can read the simple steps below.

Well, it only needs three minutes to change the alarm sound on Galaxy S23. You do not have to open the device’s settings menu. But you can change the settings from the Clock app for that. The steps are very simple and surely you can follow them easily.

change alarm sound on galaxy s23

Steps to change alarm sound on your Samsung Galaxy S23 series

By using Galaxy S23, it is possible to use alarm sounds on your device. Alternatively, you can try third-party applications so you can play any song you like. Even better, it allows you to copy a .mp3 file to your phone and then use it as the alarm sound.

Here are the steps on how to change alarm sound on Galaxy S23:

  • Open the App drawer, pull it up, find Clock, and then tap on it.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see the Alarm tab, choose it.

set alarm samsung s23

  • Tap on the alarm that you would like to change the sound. Use your time because you will have several options.
  • On the next screen, you can tap on the Alarm sound. Make sure that you have enabled the switch to turn it on.
  • Tap on Spotify. It will let you play music. It can also change depending on the music app that you would like to use to enjoy your favorite track.

samsung s23 alarm sound

  • Tap on Ringtone if you want to get more options for ringtone sounds. It allows you to choose one of the saved ringtones on your device.
  • When you want to set the volume of the alarm, simply look at the bottom of the screen and then drag the slider to the right to make it louder. Or, drag the slider to the left to make it lower.


If you want to turn off the alarm on Galaxy S23, simply tap on the X symbol when the device alarms. But if you want to prevent the device from playing the sound permanently at the alarm time, you must open the Clock app first. After that, disable the alarm you want to turn off by turning the switch off.

That is all the tutorial about how to change alarm sound on Galaxy S23. One of the best functions of smartphones to help you wake up in the early morning is the alarm. It will remind you about your schedule every day.

With this tutorial, you will not have any problems with very loud alarm sound that is not pleasing to your ears. When you want the alarm on your Samsung Galaxy S23 to wake you up gently, you can change the loud sound to the smooth one.

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