How to Change Keyboard Theme on Galaxy S23

For some people, using the default keyboard theme from Samsung is good enough. But it is also good to know how to change the keyboard theme on Galaxy S23 because Samsung allows you to customize the keyboard. That is what you will get from this post. So, keep reading to get help changing the keyboard theme on your Samsung Galaxy S23.

change keyboard theme on galaxy s23

Steps to change keyboard theme on your Samsung Galaxy S23

Simply, follow the instructions below to change the keyboard theme on your Samsung S23:

  • Access the App drawer by pulling it up, and going to Settings. Your Samsung Galaxy S23 will display the main settings.
  • Scroll down, and find General management, tap on it. It will open the device screen where you can customize or change the features and other services.

samsung s23 keyboard settings

  • Select Samsung Keyboard settings. On the next display, your device will show the available options to change the keyboard theme on it.
  • Scroll down and then find Theme, tap on it. The screen will display the available keyboard themes. Your default theme is Light.
  • You can switch the keyboard theme by tapping on any available options and then it will change the keyboard look immediately.

Most of the time, when you want to get a new look on your keyboard, simply follow the tutorial above.

However, if you want to use the high-contrast keyboard theme so you want to go back to the previous look, tap on the High contrast keyboard. By doing this action, you will get more options.

When you enable the High contrast keyboard, select the theme you would like to use. You will get a preview at the bottom of the screen. That is about how to change the Keyboard Theme on Galaxy S23 if you want to personalize it.

Change theme on Samssung S23 Ultra

How change the Keyboard Theme on Galaxy S23 Ultra is also easy. To Change it from the System Customization, follow the tutorial below:

  • Launch the Main Settings on the device.
  • Open the General Management section, and after that select, the Samsung Keyboard Settings to continue, tap on the Theme option.
  • Select the Keyboard Style you want.
  • You have four options for the keyboard modes: Light, Dark, Solid Light, and Solid Dark.
  • If you want to save the changes and enable your option – choose the arrow located at the upper left corner of the display

The next method is by using a Gboard. It means you must download this application first, and then follow the tutorial below:

  • Open the installed program.
  • Next, open the Theme settings.
  • Scroll down the list, and find the type of themes that you want to use: Default, Colours, Dark Gradients, and others.
  • To continue, find the Keyboard Background and tap on it to start the customization.
  • Adjust it, add, or disable the Key Borders by selecting the switch near.
  • Hit the Apply button, and finish!

That is the complete tutorial on how to change the Keyboard Theme on Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus. Hopefully, this tutorial works successfully on your device!

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