How to Set up and Create Secure Folder on Galaxy S23

Secure folder on your Galaxy device  is essential so that you can hide personal data through a special passcode. Well, everyone keeps everything on their phone. By using the Secure Folder feature, no one will see your selfies. To find out more about this, read the simple steps to create Secure Folder on Galaxy S23 below.

create secure folder on galaxy s23

Steps to create Secure Folder on Galaxy S23

If you want to create your own Secure Folder you must sign into your Samsung account. Here’s the steps to do.

  • Launch Settings, and then go with Biometrics and security. After that, tap on Secure Folder. Tap on Continue.

samsung s23 secure folder

  • Allow the necessary permissions by tapping on Continue. If necessary, you can sign into the Samsung account and then press OK.
  • You will be prompted to set up a security method such as a password, PIN, or pattern to access Secure Folder. After that, you can follow the instructions on the screen to set up the passcode or access the Secure Folder, and then tap on OK.

set up secure folder samsung s23

  • You will be prompted to turn on Reset with the Samsung account. If you do not activate this option, you cannot access the secure folder if you forget the PIN, pattern, or password. Tap on Activate if you want to recover the Secure folder.

How to add files in Secure Folder

Perhaps you want to install and download your bank’s app, but you are not ready when someone will take your information. If you want to add the application to Secure Folder, no one will know that it is on your phone, except you.

After Secure Folder is ready to use, tap on the Add apps (the plus icon). Tap the app you want to put in this folder, and then choose Add. You will get a copy of the application in the Secure Folder.

add files to secure folder

If you want to add files, tap on More options with 3-vertical dots. After that, tap on Add files. You can select the type of file and use My Files to get the file you want on your device.

A pop-up menu will open in your Secure Folder screen and give you the option to “Cancel“, “Copy” or “Move“. Choose the option you prefer and tap on it.

How to hide Secure Folder

If you do not want anyone to know the Secure Folder on your Samsung device, you can hide the folder from the Apps screen. Use your two fingers to swipe down if you want to access Quick Settings. After that, swipe and press Secure Folder if you want to hide or unhide the application.

hide secure folder

Additionally, you can open Settings, choose Biometrics and security, and then tap on Secure Folder. Sign in first and then switch next to Add Secure Folder to the Apps screen if you want to enable or disable it.

In conclusion, you can now keep the Secure Folder by changing the name or the icon. Open the Secure Folder and then enter the security credentials. After that, tap More options in 3 vertical dots and select Customize. You can then change the application’s name and icon. Once you are completed, tap on Apply.

That is all on how to create a Secure Folder on Galaxy S23. From this tutorial, you also can try to add files to this folder and how to hide them to get your privacy.

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