How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Keeps Crashing

Camera freezes are a common problem on your phone, and this is also a common occurrence on Samsung devices. A common cause is a problem with the camera software. The article below will guide you how to fix Samsung Galaxy S23 camera keeps crashing.

As one of the most important features in your smartphone, the camera crashes because of other factures. For example, it can be because a couple of applications recently using the camera. Another factor that can cause this issue is because a minor system error in your device.

galaxy s23 camera keeps crashing

Steps to fix Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera keeps crashing

It is easy to fix it if your Samsung S23 camera keeps crashing, as long as there is no obvious sign of liquid or physical damage. Here are the following procedures to try and to fix the camera on your device that keeps crashing.

Close the camera app and force restart your Galaxy S23. Maybe the minor error in the system that makes the app is crashing. From this method, you must close all apps working in the background. After that, refresh the memory of your device.

  • Tap on the Recent App key. Do this to view the apps that are working in the background. Tap on Close All to stop them all in a single tap.
  • Force restart your device, press and then hold the Volume Down button and Power key. Do this for eight seconds.

reboot samsung s23

  • Your Samsung Galaxy S23 will shut down and power it back on.
  • When you see the logo, release both keys. This device needs time to perform the boot process.
  • Once forced restart, use your device and open the camera app to test. If it still crashes, try using the camera in the safe mode.

Test the Camera on Safe Mode

Suddenly, your camera app is crashing. It can be because one of your downloaded apps works improperly. To fix camera keeps crashing on your Samsung Galaxy S23 is by booting to your phone in safe mode. After that, you can open the camera in this mode. Here are the detailed steps to boot Samsung S23 into safe mode in order to solve the camera issue:

  • From the notification panel simply pull down with two fingers and tap power icon.

boot samsung s23 into safe mode

  • Touch and hold Power off and then tap Safe mode.
  • Your phone will automatically power off and then on again.

safe mode displayed in the bottom left corner

  • You’ll see safe mode displayed in the bottom left corner.

In safe mode, you can open the camera and then test it to know if the issue will still happen. If not, you can uninstall the third-party app to fix it.

If this second method does not bring any changes, go to the next method.

Resetting the camera apps

When the camera’s data and cache are corrupt, the application will not run smoothly. Samsung allows you to reset the camera application settings back to their default. Here are the steps to fix it if Samsung Galaxy S23 camera keeps crashing by resetting the camera:

  • Open the camera application and select Settings (gear icon on the top left).
  • Scroll down and select Reset setting and tap Reset.

reset camera settings samsung s23

  • This steps will reset only the settings for the camera application. It will not impact the settings for the Galaxy Camera operating system and it will not remove any of your personal information from the camera.

That is all the tutorial when your Samsung Galaxy S23 camera keeps crashing. Try one of the methods above, and leave your comments here.

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