How to Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Developer options will help you unlock the secret menu that offers more advanced highlights on the newest Galaxy device. Because the Developer options menu is hidden by default, You can read this steps to enable Developer options on your Samsung S23.

enable developer options on samsung s23

Developer Mode – Samsung Galaxy S23

Android phones have a hidden menu with more advanced features intended for advanced users, especially software developers. To access the hidden features, you need a few tweaks. So you can open the main menu, known as developer options.

When you enable it, you will get more advanced features, including USB debugging for USB file transfers, CPU usage, Bluetooth logs, bug reports, layout bounds, animator duration scale, and other options.

Below are the steps on how to open and access the Samsung Galaxy S23 developer options menu. Just read this guide to enjoy some hidden highlights of your new device’s developer mode.

Steps to enable Developer Options on your Samsung S23

You can try the steps below to unlock the developer options menu or the developer mode on other Samsung Galaxy phones. Make sure that the firmware version is the same (OneUI 4.1 or later). Here’s how to enable developer options on Galaxy S23:

  • To start, tap on Settings from the Home screen or Apps viewer.
  • You are in the Settings menu. Next, scroll down to the bottom and then choose About phone. It contains more information about Samsung Galaxy S23, such as device status, phone name, software information, and others.

samsung s23 software information

  • Scroll so you can find and then choose Software information. This way will show you more details about the software of your Galaxy S23.
  • Rapidly tap Build number seven times. A popup message will appear when you are close to enabling the mode. If you have a lock screen set, you’ll be asked to enter your security credentials.

s23 developer options

  • Now, check by tapping on the Back key (look at the top-left corner of the screen) twice to go back to the main settings option. You will get Developer options in this list, at the bottom. It is a sign that you have enabled the developer options.

samsung s23 developer mode

  • To open hidden features in developer mode, you can tap on Developer options.

While in this mode, it is better not to activate any unknown features in the developer options. This way will help you avoid any unexpected system issues and errors.

Time to enable the Developer Mode on your phone

How to enable developer options on Galaxy S23 is necessary to configure system behaviors and to improve your device performance.

For example, you want to adjust the screen animations on your Galaxy S23 to fix any performance issues such as lagging. It means that you must access the developer options by adjusting the default animation scale option. It goes the same when you want to monitor app behaviors or debugging.

However, there are some conditions when using developer mode brings unexpected problems. Therefore, if your Samsung Galaxy S23 suddenly encounters an unexpected error after using the developer mode, then disable it.

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