How to Force Stop Apps on Galaxy S23 Series

In this post, you will get detailed instructions on how to force stop apps on Galaxy S23. It is also known as a process to terminate an application. This tutorial is only for Samsung Galaxy devices running with OneUI 4.1 or later.

Besides, this guide helps you to force stop applications on Galaxy devices supported with Android 13 or the newest One UI version. If you want to force stop apps on Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra, you can follow the steps below.

force stop apps on galaxy s23

Force Stop Apps

If there is a certain application misbehaving, you can solve it easily by performing the force stop command. The new Galaxy S23 lineup also has this built-in command to solve the glitching apps. In the latest Android devices, killing application processes can be done by using force stop, a built0in command. It will forcibly stop the application from working in the background.

Performing the force stop command, especially for Samsung devices with OneUI 4 or higher can be done by using an app info screen (under the app settings menu). By performing this action, there will be no user data or documents affected on the device. Therefore, it is a safe method that will not let you lose any important files or apps.

Steps to force stop apps on your Galaxy S23

Note: to perform this action, you must keep your phone software using the latest version. It is important to kill the app process smoothly. Read more to get detailed instructions on how to force stop apps on Galaxy S23:

  • Tap on the Settings icon from Home. Alternatively, go to the Apps screen and then launch the Settings app.
  • On the Settings menu, you can find and then choose Apps. A list of preloaded or downloaded apps will load up next.
  • Find and then tap to choose the application that you would like to force stop or terminate. Your device will open the App info.

samsung galaxy s23 force stop app

  • Tap on the Filter to search the application directly. Sort the icon and type the name of the application into the search field. To continue, tap on the chosen app from the search results so you can get the app’s information screen.
  • Enable the Show system app switch to filter the system apps and to view built-in apps only. Next, find and then choose the app that you want to force stop.
  • Scroll down until the bottom section of the screen and hit the Force stop  and you will get the warning prompt. So, read it and then hit the OK button to continue.

The chosen app will be closed and removed from the background applications. To force stop other applications, repeat the tutorial above by choosing the application that you want to force stop.


When you are using a certain app on your device, it will remain open and work in the background, until you close it. In Android phones, keeping any app running in the background helps users in the terms of multitasking. When you relaunch that app, you don’t have to wait too long.

But the problem is, keeping more applications working in the background can lead to problems especially when the background apps crash. If it happens, your device will encounter an unexpected system error. That is why you need to know how to force stop apps on Galaxy S23.

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