How to Show Battery Percentage on Galaxy S23

Showing the battery percentage helps you see the power level of your Samsung device has left. It helps you a lot to view the status bar that shows the battery icon. Also, it shows the power percentage for the power remaining. Well, you can show or hide the battery percentage, depending on your preference. Here is the guide on how to show battery percentage on Galaxy S23 series.

show battery percentage on galaxy s23

Steps to show battery percentage on your Galaxy S23

Eventually, you can use this tutorial to show the battery percentage on other Samsung devices. As long as those devices are running One UI version 5.1 (Galaxy S23, S23 Ultra, S23+, and others).

The screens and menu options can be different, depending on the device models and the wireless providers. Therefore, there may be some slight similarities in the interface of personal devices.

As long as your smartphone software is updated, all the key features and settings should be available. Here are the steps to follow when you want to Show the battery percentage on your Samsung Galaxy S23:

  • Open the Settings (gear icon) from the device’s Home screen or applications viewer.
  • From Settings, find and then choose Notifications.

enable battery precentage samsung s23

  • Select Advanced settings to proceed. Your device will Show another screen with more options and more relevant features.
  • You will see Show battery percentage, and toggle it to turn on the feature. Here, you will Show the battery percentage together with the battery icon on the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S23.

Next time if you want to hide the battery percentage, go back to ‘Show battery bercentage’ and toggle it off. When you disable this feature, your device will only Show the battery status indicator.

The alternative method

Besides, you can try to Show the battery percentage on Galaxy S23 using this alternative method. Go to the Battery, and then choose Battery and device care.

  • To start, go to Quick Settings, go to Battery and Device Care.

samsung s23 batter settings

  • Select Battery, scrol down and choose More battery settingss.
  • You will get the Show Battery Percentage, toggle it on.

This way will Show the battery percentage. The status bar output and the layout of the Settings will be the same just like when you adjust the settings from the Advanced notification.

Best time to show the battery percentage

You can use this feature to keep track of the battery information of your device. Furthermore, you will get a clear number that tells the amount of the remaining battery on the device. The number information depends on the battery usage of the phone.

From this number, you can estimate how long your device can work effectively. Even it helps you manage the power usage to preserve the battery if necessary.

Besides, the battery percentage on the status bar will help you easily know any unusual power usage on your Samsung Galaxy S23. For example, at first, you can check the battery percentage level is 90 percent. A few hours later, it can go down to 15 percent. This significant decrease tells you to optimise battery usage in certain applications.

In short, if you are new to this platform and you need some steps on how to show battery percentage on Galaxy S23, try the tutorial above. Read the detailed instructions so you can do it successfully.

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