How to Reset Keyboard Settings on Galaxy S23

This tutorial will guide you to reset keyboard settings on your Galaxy S23. It means that you will restore the stock Samsung Keyboard to the default settings. You also can use this tutorial to reset keyboard settings on other Galaxy devices supporting Android 13 (One UI 5.1 OS version). Need assistance removing all your current customizations to the preinstalled Samsung Keyboard app on your device? If so, just read the tutorial here for more detailed steps.

reset keyboard settings on galaxy s23

Steps to reset the keyboard settings on Samsung Galaxy S23

If you are using this device for the first time, it is important to know that all Samsung Galaxy device has a preinstalled Samsung Keyboard. It works to support text input processing.

The Korean manufacturer recommends that device users use the Preinstalled Samsung Keyboard on the device. Even though some other keyboard apps support Samsung Galaxy phones, third-party apps can cause problems.

samsung keyboardWhen you use Samsung Keyboard, there are some great features for fun and for supporting smart text messaging. Using Samsung Keyboard lets you enjoy the inbuilt Smart typing option such as emoji and text, auto-replace, text shortcuts, text corrections, and predictive text.

The device’s keyboard settings are available with customizations. It allows you to change the default keyboard options, including keyboard mode, smart typing options, voice input, toolbar, language, keyboard theme and more. If you are using the Android 13 with One UI 5.1 OS platform and need some input on how to reset keyboard settings on Galaxy S23.

Instructions to reset your keyboard

If you find a Samsung Galaxy phone with a Samsung keyboard, you can try the following instructions to restore it to the default keyboard settings. Be sure that your device is supporting the newest Android version to make sure that you can access all features and menu options.

Here are how to reset keyboard settings on Galaxy S23:

  • To start, tap on Settings on Galaxy S23 (the gear icon) from the Home Screen. When you tap on it, it will open Settings.
  • In the main settings menu, try to find and then tap on General management. Another menu opens and displays a list of system management and its features.

samsung s23 keyboard reset

  • Tap on the Samsung Keyboard settings to proceed. You will get relevant options and settings with the stock keyboard app.
  • To continue, select Reset to default settings. On the following instruction, choose Reset keyboard settings.
  • Read the warning prompt and then tap on Reset to confirm.

That is the complete tutorial on how to reset keyboard settings on Galaxy S23. From this tutorial, you can restore the Samsung Keyboard to its original state. All changes you have made to the settings such as keyboard mode, text size, and others will be removed.

However, this reset will not remove the downloaded languages. Therefore, you can use the preferred languages. If the Samsung Keyboard stops working after altering a particular setting, reset the setting individually, instead of restoring the complete application.

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