How to Enable and Use Object Eraser on Samsung Galaxy S23

If you are using Google Pixel, one of the best features of those devices is the Object Eraser tool. But, if you are a Samsung user, you can enjoy the fun as well. Samsung has a popular tool for photo editing. If you’re S23 users, here’s how to use the Object Eraser on Galaxy S23.

object eraser on galaxy s23

As long as you use the newest version of One UI, you can use the object eraser in your Gallery application. Even though it is not as intuitive as the object eraser on the Pixel 6. Since this is a hidden Object eraser tool, you can follow the simple guide below to start using it.

Using the Object Eraser tool on Samsung Galaxy S23

Note: Make sure that you are using Samsung devices (tablet or phone) working with One UI 3.1 or later to use the object eraser. If you want to check it, open Settings > About Phone > Software Information.

Additionally, you can check your Samsung applications are up to date. To do so, update them from the Galaxy Store app. It is also important to note that the presence of an object eraser depends on the region.

How to enable the Object Eraser

  • Open Gallery. Choose the photo to edit. After that, tap the pencil icon. You can find this icon at the bottom of the device’s screen.

enable object eraser samsung s23

  • At the bottom right, tap on the three dots. Next, Choose Labs then Tap the switch next to Object eraser to activate it.

How to use Object Eraser to remove unwanted objects

  • Open your gallery, find and select the photo you want to edit.

object eraser tool samsung s23

  • Tap the edit icon and then tap more options.
  • Tap object eraser and tap or draw around the object or objects you want to erase.

object eraser tools samsung 23

  • Once you’re finished tap Erase, tap Done, and then tap Save.

Well, that is the complete tutorial on how easy to use the hidden Object eraser on your Samsung S23. Besides, you will notice the results depend on the image. Of course, this tool is more effective when you use it on plain backgrounds, for instance.

This tutorial does not mean to replace the real professional photo editing application or software. But, it can be a nice solution if you need an easy and quick way to remove unwanted items, including objects or people from your pictures before you upload them online.


You can try the tutorial above if you need a removal tool to remove unwanted objects from your photos on Samsung devices. But, if you cannot find this feature on your devices, it does not a big deal.

Please note that Samsung does not support all their products with object erasers. For example, you can find this feature if you are using the Galaxy S21 that has been launched at the beginning of 2021. Other Samsung models are the S22, and Samsung S23 Ultra. Those are available with the Object Eraser tool.

Still, you can use a few alternatives to Object Eraser. This underrated but impressive eraser uses it like Object, letting you select any object that you want to remove in a few seconds.

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