How to Screen Record on Galaxy S23 by Using Built-in Feature

In addition to screenshots on your device, screen recording is also important to help you capture what is on your screen if you need future playback. It can be when you are watching a webinar or putting together a video tutorial. If you’re S23 users and  want to use this feature, you can follow the simple guide to screen record on Galaxy S23 below.

screen record on galaxy s23

Even though it is a useful feature, the screen recorder does not work to record phone, video calls, or VOIP calls. In addition, some applications have the capability to block this feature because of copyright restrictions. The availability of features will vary by software and model version.

Simply, record your screen on Galaxy devices with a Screen recorder without using a third-party application. You can record everything on your screen. Furthermore, you can use the front camera if you want to record yourself during a video play.

Steps to Screen Record on your Samsung Galaxy S23

  • Launch the Quick settings panel. To do so, swipe down from the top of the display using your two fingers. After that, tap on the screen recorder. If your screen recorder icon is not there, add it to the Quick settings panel.
  • Select your desired option, for example, Media sounds, No sound, or Media sounds and mic. After that, you can tap on Start recording.
  • Once the countdown is finished, your device will start recording whatever is on the display.

record samsung s23 screen

  • On devices that support this feature, it is possible to add yourself to the recorded video. Here, you can use the front-facing camera. To start, tap on the front camera icon (a person icon). After that, there is a small window appears and you are ready to start recording your screen.
  • For more fun, write on the screen while you are recording. To do so, choose the Pencil icon, choose the desired color and then start using your finger. Alternatively, go with S-Pen to write on the device’s screen. You cannot interact with videos, games, or navigational options while you are writing on this screen.
  • If you want to stop drawing, tap the Pencil icon. Turning off the Pencil feature will make the screen go back to normal. Here, you can continue recording.
  • When you are finished recording, you can tap on the Stop icon. The video will be stored in Gallery. You can access some screen recordings by heading to the My Files app and then tapping on the Internal storage, tap on the DCIM folder.

How to adjust Screen Recorder

You can set options SoundVideo Quality, and Selfie video size. Here are the steps to change the Screen recorder settings.

  • Open the Settings.
  • Select Advanced features.

screen recorder settings

  • Select Screenshots and screen recorder.
  • Control each option as needed.


It is legal to record videos if it is for personal purposes. For example, when you want to share content with your friends. Or, you want to keep the things on the screen for offline enjoyment.

That is all you have to know about how to screen record on Galaxy S23. The screen recording feature is beneficial for any business. It makes it easier to record anything on the screen and share it with your family and friends.

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